july 22

Happy Birthday to me!

Im 18 and passed my driving test. Yay!!!


Softly Spoken

as long as I hold onto the past I will never fully be happy.

I just realized today that because I didn’t let go of the pain I had I was hurting myself as well as other people I care about.

I hung onto the anger I had towards a guy. made me somehow think I still had feelings for him, but really I didn’t. luckily I figured it out before I made a huge fool of myself.

my ex and I are now friends again but its not that good of an idea I think. i’m afraid it will lead him on, even though he knows I don’t want a relationship ever.

I noticed I have a lot of guy friends, which is cool cuz the only friends I have left are a couple girls. my sophomore year I had only guy friends, all my bfs friends. it was cool tho cuz they were all good company, were even still friends to this day.

tomorrow I turn 18. i’m taking my driving test at 9am so hopefully I pass. it would make me so so happy. I didn’t really want to do anything for my birthday. just been really depressed lately.

I really need to control my temper with my parents, we are always arguing and butting heads for stupid things. they should know by now that i’m like this but they egg me on.

anyway, gunna hit the hay. night night world

A New Start

i just erased all my previous posts and am starting from scratch.

I graduated high school and in the middle of summer

my birthday is in a day, and i’m in a war with myself

I will post more later ❤

on the phone currently